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On Saturday the 20th of September 2003 we presented APPENDIKS 2:

Audio CD Therapeutic Space by artist Natalie Zimmerman (Los Angeles)

Book projects and printed material A VOUS TOUS by artist Céline Duval (Paris)

Three printed matters by artist Mette Stenbćk Andersen (Copenhagen)

Book project Empty Shop / Modern Monument by artist Eva Merz (Aberdeen)

Selected and in most cases out of print Pist Protta issues from publisher Space Poetry (Copenhagen)

New publications from Pork Salad Press (Copenhagen): book about Tommy Střckel (London), audio CD Adria by Stephanie Taylor (Los Angeles), catalogue from the exhibition Rent-a-bench and hćfter no. 1-5 by artists Josef Strau (Berlin), Katie Holten (Ardee), Mads Ranch Kornum (Copenhagen), Céline Duval (Paris) and Roman Ondák (Bratislava)

Artist, filmmaker and publisher Jesper Fabricius (Copenhagen) decorated a table and the window

Carrot cake and tea was served

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