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Tuesday the 12th of August 2003 we opened APPENDIKS

APPENDIKS was a space for art, visual culture, theory, and publications. Situated in central Copenhagen, the premises comprised a reading room, a bookstore and an office allowing visitors to use a range of publications and films/audio material. Through the exchange of ideas and presentation of materials created by selected guests from Denmark and abroad, we invited new input and additions to the content and organisation of the space.

We hosted afternoon events addressing various types of culture-generating practices, materials relating to printed matter and recording/archival processes. With APPENDIKS we wanted to establish a process-oriented archive that was based on periodic and idiosyncratic principles of organisation. The premises were open Saturdays only and by appointment.

APPENDIKS was originally opened by Jacob Fabricius (curator), Elsebeth Jørgensen (artist), Pia Rönicke (artist) and then later Lotte Boesen (curator). From fall 2004 the program was organised by Jacob Fabricius.

Then APPENDIKS closed!

The activities transformed into a new space KBH Kunsthal / CPH Kunsthal, which opened the 21st of October 2005, located on Vesterbrogade 6C in front of the Steno Pharmacy across the road from the main train station and Tivoli in Copenhagen. The exhibitions ran for approximately four weeks and the space was open 24 hours everyday, take a look at KBH Kunsthal >

KBH Kunsthal / CPH Kunsthal closed 1. November 2006 due to real estate regulations. KBH Kunsthal / CPH Kunsthal was related to and taken over by Krabbesholm Højskole.

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