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Public Projects

2015 Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow, Blue and Black Sabbath’s War Pigs Some thing giv es mean ing al one as we ll as to gether
One Sentence Exhibition hosted online by Kadist Foundation, Paris

Artists: JG Ballard , Black Sabbath, Keren Cytter, Kasia Fudakowski, Nadya Grishna, Jos de Gruyter &\\ Harald Thys, Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet, Judith Hopf, Liz Magic Laser, Jazmin Lopez, Kerry James Marshall, Nathaniel\\ Mellors, Barnett Newman, Agnieszka Polska and Peter Wächtler.


2014 Sandwiched | Fulton Mall Street, Brooklyn
In 2003 I curated the public exhibition Sandwiched in New York and Los Angeles at Fulton Mall street, Brooklyn and Hollywood blvd, Virgil blvd, Sunset Blvd junction, LA. 18 artists or artist groups made individual sandwich boards (like the once traditionally used for advertisement) and I wore and mediated their image/information on behalf of the artists. Each sandwich board were shown in the street for one day and afterwards returned to the artist after use.

Friday 7 March / David Horvitz
Saturday 8 March / Lena Henke & Marie Karlberg
Sunday 9 March / Margaret Lee
Monday 10 March / Kerry James Marshall
Tuesday 11 March / Sergej Jensen
Wednesday 12 March / Alfredo Jaar


Around four or more corners or corner pieces… | online exhibition


24 Advertisements | various magazines


Auto-Stop | Malmö Konsthall and South of Sweden


KBH Kunsthal | CPH Kunsthal


Sandwiched | Los Angeles | USA

Sandwiched | New York | USA

Rent-a-bench | Trapholt Museum of Modern Art | Kolding | Denmark


Rent-a-bench | Los Angeles | USA

retur | Denmark


Rotation | Morgenbladet | Norway


S-tog | Copenhagen | Denmark

Dispensing with Formalities | Copenhagen | Denmark


Hvis det var mig der kom til et fremmed sted | Århus | Denmark


”What is a guy from Leicester, a Swedish girl, a family father and a gay couple doing on a deserted island between Denmark and Sweden?" | Middelgrundsfortet | Denmark

Art Calls

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