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Galleri Campbells Occasionally

Copenhagen, Denmark 1995-96

Curator - together with Frederikke Hansen - at Galleri Campbells Occasionally, a non-commercial exhibition space in Copenhagen.

Solo exhibitions:
Olof Olsson (S), Jakob Kolding (DK), Maria Seidler (DK), Lotta Antonsson (S), Tal R (DK), Julie Nord (DK), Henning Christiansen (DK), Maria Karlsson (S)

Group exhibitions:
How many women does it take to change a light bulb - with Keith Farquarh (Scot), Alastair Mackinven (CAN) and Berry Reigate (UK)
Toons - with Jakob Boeskov (DK), Daniel Clowes (USA), Sean Landers (USA), David Shrigley (UK) and Maria Lindberg (S)

Performance events:
Mads Steen (DK), Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset (DK/NO) and Karl Holmqvist (S)

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