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Copenhagen, Denmark, 1999

The artists produced one or more objects, xeroxes or other things that could be placed or handed out in the Copenhagen S-trains. Everyday on my way to work I would go on the trains and according to the artists’ wishes and instructions, I would place or hand out the works to people in the trains. I dedicated 2-3 hours each day to one artist's work. The idea behind the exhibition was to make myself vulnerable as a curator and meet and hand the works directly to the people (the audience) in the trains. This way I put myself in the artist’s role, not as an artist though but as a person passing on the artist’s message/work.

Participating artists: Kaspar Bonnén, Andrea Creutz, Henrik Grundsted, Lise Harlev, Klaus Thejll Jakobsen, Elsebeth Jřrgensen, Henrik Olesen, Olof Olsson, Pia Rönicke, Jonas Maria Schul and Ĺsa Sonjasdotter

Pia Rönicke | Kaspar Bonnén

Henrik Grundsted | Henrik Olesen

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