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Los Angeles, USA, February, 2003

Many structures and relations within the art world and society in general are extremely hard to penetrate, so with this project I wanted to do a very simple exchange of labour. Artists would produce sandwich-board signs, which in exchange the curator would display in public. I was wearing each artistís sandwich-board for two days at the Hollywood/Sunset/Virgil junction and was standing there between 2pm and 5pm.

Participating artists: Mungo Thomson, Evan Holloway, Stephanie Taylor, Morgan Fisher, Oliver Ressler/David Thorne, Marc Herbst/Christina Ulke, Marc Grotjahn and Lisa Anne Auerbach/Daniel Marlos

Mungo Thomson Evan Holloway Stephanie Taylor Morgan Fisher

Oliver Ressler/David Thorne Marc Herbst/Christina Ulke Marc Grotjahn Lisa Anne Auerbach/Daniel Marlos

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