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APPENDIKS 13 / La Loko


On Saturday the 7th of May 2005 La Loko opened the Esperanto food place, OVO, at APPENDIKS in Copenhagen:

OVO was open from the 7th of May until the 11th of June 2005, during business hours Tuesday-Saturday 11-17.

La Loko was started in 2003 by Olof Olsson and Daniel Salomon. All their activities use the international language Esperanto as starting point. They work within the fields of architecture, art, broadcasting, drama, design, gastronomy, fashion, film, hospitality, marketing, music, video, writing and more.

For OVO, which in Esperanto means egg, La Loko is interested in the idea of mixing the market oriented concept of fast food with the utopian idea of Esperanto.

From the fast food culture they borrow the concept of self-service, the strong visual identity, and the idea of a chain potentially present all over the world. Dark brown, caribic blue and white are the 3 colours consistently used in the restaurant and in the uniforms, which have been designed by Hamayun Butt. The menu is straightforward and the attendance takes place at the counter.

But at OVO La Loko wants to try out the Esperanto way of doing things. Like Esperanto, the food is simple and straightforward. And OVO is a cosy place where one can hang out, and if one feels like it have a conversation with the attendants. In Esperanto La Loko simply calls it "mangxejo" - a food place.

OVO was supported by a grant from Kunststyrelsens Udvalg for Billedkunst, and was produced at Statens Værksteder for Kunst og Kunsthåndværk, Copenhagen.

For more information visit La Loko >

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