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APPENDIKS 12 / Jytte Hy


On Tuesday the 29th of March 2005 we presented APPENDIKS 12:

We were pleased to present the new book by Danish visual artist Jytte Hy at a reception on the 29th of March, 2005.

The book, A Historical Alphabet for You, succeeded her exhibition of the same name held earlier in the year at Arken Museum of Modern Art, Denmark. The book contains images and texts by Jytte Hy but also texts by art historian Ann Lumbye Srensen and writers Mika Hannula and Merete Pryds Helle.

From the book:
"I realized immediately that an unknown lemon was carrier of the death that struck a defenseless present age. Because of an error in the conception of reality, a misuse of invisible rays took place, in such a way that an extreme sexual emancipation made the masses maneuverable but at the same time exposed to economic interests.
Taking the law into ones own hands led to infanticide and death. An explosion led to submission and the invasion of morality, which in turn entailed censorship. Fortunately, there was communication with a message from Earth that careful stimulation creates a desire for a true, pure experiment with gender and a demonstration that an underprivileged man loses his inclination for victory and yet can even so achieve sex of an unfathomably light and lively yellow mood."

Both the artist and writers were present at the reception.

Jytte Hy's book and work was on view from the 29th of March until the 30th of April 2005.

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