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APPENDIKS 4 / Patrick Moore


On Saturday the 13th of December 2003 we presented APPENDIKS 4:

"The first time I heard about Patrick Moore was at Midnight Special Bookstore (Santa Monica, California), where I was looking for LA graffiti and gang-related books. At Midnight Special Bookstore I talked to the nice shop owner, a woman called Margie. Margie told me how the bookstore invites ex-convicts to exhibit their drawings, poems and give talks about their crimes and the American prison system seen from the inside. In the back room she showed me some drawings by the 65-year-old prisoner Patrick Moore. That night I wrote a letter to K78329 in San Luis Obispo (CA) and so have been exchanging letters with Patrick Moore since January 2003. In 1997 petty thief Patrick Moore was sentenced to life in prison for stealing a 12.99 dollar T-shirt. It was his third conviction and the Californian 3-strike law puts people away for life no matter if they are petty thieves or murderers."
- Jacob Fabricius, Dec 2003

APPENDIKS 4 presented Patrick Moore's drawings and newspaper clippings related to the 3-strike law. On view were also two documentaries about the American prison system: The Corrections Documentary Project made by Ashley Hunt and Concrete and Sunshine by Nicole Cousino, plus the book Prisoners' Inventions written and illustrated by Angelo (Produced by Temporary Services and White Walls, Chicago).

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