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APPENDIKS 5 / Mia Joo Vo Rosasco


On Saturday the 21st of February 2004 we presented APPENDIKS 5:

APPENDIKS 5 presented Copenhagen based artist Mia Joo Vo Rosasco. On view were bookmarks, post-it notes and pieces of paper, comments, scribbles, drawings all placed in books, videos and other material on display.

When we invited Mia to do a project, she had never been to APPENDIKS. "Visiting APPENDIKS has just been one of those things you often think of, but never get around to do," she said. After thinking about it for a while, she proposed to invite her friends and colleagues, who also had not visited APPENDIKS, to come and read books and look at videos from the archive.

From the 22nd of January to the 21st of February, Mia invited a new person every day to come to APPENDIKS and read in the opening hours. The invited persons were also asked to bring a person who might enjoy being in a book space as well. Mia supplied everyone with bookmarks, post-it-paper, pens and dictionaries. She asked them to write comments to what they saw or read (if they felt like doing so) and place them in the material on the shelves.

Mia's project was not announced. The focus of the work was the interaction between the readers and the material in APPENDIKS. The yellow bookmarks in the books and on videos are now traces after the time Mia and her guests spent in APPENDIKS.

It reminds us of how books might connect people in a way where personal recommendations construct an associative system for orientation. Umberto Eco talks about the informal work in this way, "... the free play of associations, once it is recognized as originating from the disposition of the signs, becomes an integral part of the work, one of the components that the work has fused into its own unity and, with them, a source of creative dynamism that it exudes." (The Open Work, 103)

The bookmarks were on view until the 28th of February, 2004.

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