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APPENDIKS 11 / Susan Philipsz


On Thursday the 3rd of February 2005 we presented APPENDIKS 11:

APPENDIKS 11 presented Berlin based artist Susan Philipsz. On view were a selection of her sound works including "The Internationale", "Songs sung in the first person on themes of longing, sympathy and release", "The Dead" and "Guadalupe".

Susan Philipsz was on display at APPENDIKS until the 12th of March 2005.

On Wednesday the 2nd of February 2005, Susan Philipsz gave a talk at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.

APPENDIKS 11 also hosted the release reception of Susan Philipsz's new CD Ziggy Stardust.

The art of Susan Philipsz is radical in its simplicity, and intense. You can engage with it, and be overwhelmed, or you can walk away from it, but there is no middle ground or luke-warm effect. It offers very little material residue to hang onto and is therefore hard to market, utopian and liberating. By using her own solitary voice as her primary material singing popular songs, or songs of collective and cinematic memory, and by insinuating that voice carefully and subtly into public spaces, she creates unexpected situations where the personal and private spheres of her audience are suddenly revealed. (Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev)

APPENDIKS is also pleased to present new books from JRPRingier Kunstverlag AG and others.

Thank you Montana and The Committee for Visual Art, Denmark for making life a littler easier.

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