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APPENDIKS 8 / Empty Cinemas Open Narratives


On Sunday the 2nd of May 2004 we presented APPENDIKS 8:

With APPENDIKS 8: "Empty Cinemas Open Narratives" we presented film- and sound material, publications and artistic documents all related to the topic Cinematography in terms of the construction of identity, space and narrative structures. The juxtaposition of the artists in the presentation wwas du to an interest in various cinematic constructions and experiences, where an important potential is the open film form and narrative style. The concrete and illusory space of the film is conceptualized, and ambiguous stories are generated. In this kind of narrative there is often an awareness of the intimate conditions of the viewer. In the presentation the public can consult both works of art, archive material from the production and documentations.

  • Switching
    Interactive featurefilm, photos, loop-models and flowcharts
    Oncotype-production, Director: Morten Schjødt. Manuscript: Morten Schjødt and Rasmus Arrildt, Art-Director: Morten Westermann, DVD-Mastering: Mattias Bodlund, Producer: Filip von Spreckelsen, Denmark
  • The Bisected Rifleman
    Film, montage, photos, drawings, texts and storyboard
    By Mikkel Olaf Eskildsen, Denmark
  • Rebecka Hall Performing Anonymous Interviews, Anonymous Interviews & Set Constructions
    Audio-CD, performer-instruction and publications
    By Miriam Beckström, Sweden
  • Bliss, Messed Up, Sketchbook, Spring,Summer..., Jinxed!, Tallin Peoples Orchestra, Grandad, Kes, Lens Stories, The Square
    Interactive films, CD-ROM
    By Chris Hales, England
  • Bleeding Through: Layers of Los Angeles, 1920-1986
    Interactive database-archive DVD-ROM and publication
    Co-production: The Labyrinth Project, Los Angeles and Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, manuscript by Norman M. Klein, directed by Rosemary Comella, Andrea Kratky and Norman Klein, executive producer: Marsha Kinder, USA & Germany
  • Cin-roman: Books
    By Alain Robbe-Grillet, France
  • Time Exposed, Autocines / Drive-Ins & Theatres
    By Hiroshi Sugimoto, Japan
  • Documentation of closed cinemas: articles and photos
    Glori & Atlantic Bio, Denmark, & Kino Grevesmhlen, Germany

Gingerbread dog with a twist in its side and tee was served!

APPENDIKS: Empty Cinemas Open Narrative was open from the 2nd to the 28th of May 2004.

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